Hours: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm Daily (Closed Monday and Tuesday)
In addition to our Tea menu, we also offer Lunch, Salads, and Other Fare.

We are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (December 26th), New Year's Day,
Easter Sunday and Monday, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving Day


Mug of Tea ~ $2.95
   Medium Pot for one ~ $4.95
   Large Pot for two ~ $6.95
   Extra Large Pot for 3-4 ~ $7.95
Iced Tea of the Day ~ $3.75
Plain Black Iced Tea ~ $3.50
Sweet Savannah Iced Tea ~ $4.25
Jan's Raspberry Lemon Iced Tea ~ $4.25
(plain black tea, shot of raspberry syrup and lemon juice - tartly sweet)

Tea Lattes

Tea Latte, plain ~ $3.75
Tea Latte and shot of flavor syrup ~ $4.25
Sweet Chai Latte ~ $4.25
London Fog: Earl Grey, Vanilla ~ $4.25
Fiji Fantasy: Island Coconut, Vanille ~ $4.25


Coffee Press for One ~ $2.95
Large Coffee Press for one or two ~ $4.95


Mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream ~ $4.25
Mug of Hot Cider ~ $3.00
Chocolate Milk ~ $3.50
Cold Milk ~ 8 oz/$2.25; 16 oz/$2.75
Soda (Coke, Root Beer, 7 Up) ~ $3.00
Apple Juice ~ $2.50
Bottled water ~ $2.00

Substitute plain almond milk in lattes ~ add $0.75 cents
Extra flavor shot ~ add $0.50 cents

TORANI SYRUPS FLAVORS: Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Raspberry, Vanilla (also available in sugar free)

Traditional English Beverages:

Blackcurrent Ribena, rich in Vitamin C ~ $3.95

Lemon Barley Water (lemonade, Brit style) ~ $3.75

Elderflower Cordial
(naturally delicate floral taste from freshly picked elder flowers and squeezed lemons blended together) ~ $3.95

Decadent and Delicious:

Purple Cow
a blend of Cream, Milk and Ice with Blackcurrant Cordial ~ $4.75


Pecan Pie Bar
Mocha Brownie (brownie with walnuts, coconut and rich mocha butter frosting)
Smudge Bar (brownie with walnuts, coconut, layer of marshmellow cream and topped with fudge chocolate)
Lemon Bar
Jammy Oat Bar

Individual Pie (ask your server for today's selection)
top with Norfolk Cream or Hot Custard

Cake, large slice (or pie slice)(ask your server for today's selection)

Big Cookies (Oatmeal Raisin / Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips / Lemon Glazed Shortbread / Snickerdoodles / Pink Iced Sugar)

Meringue Cookie (GF)

Mini Cookies:
     Shortbread Jam Print
     Chocolate Shortbread Kiss
     Coconut Macaroon (GF)
     Peanut Butter (GF)>

Scone Plate served with strawberry jam or Lemon Curd and Norfolk Cream
     Plain or lemon glazed
     Large Apricot or Golden Raisin

Scone only
Large scone only

(GF) = Gluten Free

NOTE: We use dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, seafood & nut products in our establishment ~ Do not consume if you are allergic to anything. It is up to you, the consumer, to alert your server BEFORE you place your order. Reservations require a 10.00 minimum order per person ~ We accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard ~ NO CHECKS ~Fri-Sat-Sun ONE CHECK PER TABLE -- 5 or more people - 1 check plus 20% gratuity

Prices and items subject to change without notice.

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